Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Mid-week Musical Spotlight #6

If you haven't seen David Byrne's feature film True Stories I really do recommended you check it out - in what I can only describe as a musical mockumentary, David Byrne, playing himself, visits a small town in  Texas as they prepare to hold their annual celebration of special-ness. He meets a variety of quirky, odd characters, including a woman who is always lying, a woman who spends her life in bed and Lewis Fyne, played by John Goodman, who is looking to get married. It's filled with amazing songs by Byrne, and I found it absolutely hilarious.

As I can't choose a favourite, have two!


  1. Have you seen This must be the place (2011) , David Byrne played himself in that too. There is also supposed to be an an innovative concert movie called "stop making sense that" from 1984, but I haven't watched either.

    True Stories looks interesting and unique, thanks for the heads-up !

    1. I watched This Must Be The Place last week as a matter of fact, and my review of it is up :) Strange film, but I enjoyed it! I'll have to keep my eyes out for that concert movie - thanks for letting me know!


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